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We strive to give you a price and value that reflects your needs and budget.


Value Engineering

We engineer our projects in the best way in order to assure value and efficiency.


Highest Quality Delivery

We want our customers to be very satisfied with the end result. Our goal is to offer the highest quality possible


Close Out

We try to create an easy close out in order to make both the customer and ourselves happy.

We used to build civilizations.

Now we fabricate cities.


About us

Platinum construction, Inc. specializes in the new construction and modernization of all building product types throughout California. Platinum Construction has developed several relationships with some of California’s finest general contractors through our dedication to deliver outstanding work and value to our customers with our quality craftsmanship, communication, and experience.

Platinum Innovation

We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with your metal stud framing, drywall, lath and plaster, E.I.F.S. and fireproofing needs for your upcoming project.

Our Experience

Established in 2005, Platinum Construction Inc. works closely with some of the finest General Contractors in Southern California, specializing in new construction and modernization of commercial properties. Platinum Construction, Inc. has rapidly become one of the industry leaders, delivering expertise in metal stud framing, drywall, lath and plaster, E.I.F.S. and fireproofing.

Delivering Our Work Safely

We strive to keep our buildings as safe as possible and limit the amount of field accidents to a minimum. Platinum Construction, Inc. is fully insured for all the jobs we do.

Platinum Construction, Inc. provides services for all product market types. These include construction of new and retrofit building systems and finishes in hospitality, gaming, educational, medical, luxury living and much more. Platinum Construction, Inc. is proud to offer quality workmanship, responsive service, and competitive pricing. Platinum Construction spends careful attention to the pre-construction phase of the project, creating a project specific proposal and maintaining the project schedules while always completing on time. The following list is a list of services that Platinum Construction is proud to provide and offer:

• Construction services in the following scopes: Drywall, Metal Stud Framing, Lathe & Plaster System, EIFS, Fireproofing
• Efficient and effective use of labor and equipment
• Bonding Capacity that Exceeds $20,000,000 per project
• LEED Projects
• CHPS Projects
• Public & Private Works Projects
• BIM and 3-D Modeling

Platinum Construction has developed solid relationships with some of California’s finest General Contractors. We deliver industry best-of-class subcontract work and value to our customers through quality craftsmanship, communication and experience.
Some of the General Contractors Platinum Construction has successfully completed projects for include:

  • Bernards USS Cal Builders
  • PCL Edge Development
  • Taisei SJ Amoroso
  • Soltek Pacific Pinner Construction
  • Ace Engineering PCM 3
  • Rudolf Sletton PWCI
  • Summit Builders Hensel Phelps
  • RC Construction TB Penick
  • Sinanian Southern California Contractors
  • USS Cal Builders
  • Edge Development
  • SJ Amoroso
  • Pinner Construction
  • PCM 3
  • PWCI
  • Hensel Phelps
  • TB Penick
  • Southern California Contractors

Platinum Construction promises to establish and maintain open communication with the General Contractor in efforts to complete each and every project successfully. We are very proactive and strive to be the driving force on each project in order to maintain each project schedule with a strong emphasis on safety. Ours is a promise of excellence in quality from start to finish.

white-buildingStocorp is one of the largest manufacturers of the products that we install. They invented this new product called Stolit Milano and we were one of the first to use and install this product. We did such a good job that they put the building we did on the cover of their website.

To view the project, follow this link: Stocorp

The big white building on the cover of their website was plastered by our company. If you click on the picture and then go down to the Case Study – Helen Stacey Middle School link, we are the featured company in that case study.

Recent Projects

Katella High School

Anaheim, CA


Vernon, CA

Van De Kamps Building

Los Angeles, CA

Chaffey College

Rancho Cucamongo, CA

Anaheim High School

Anaheim, CA

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